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Order and Payment

CCNow is a secure online retailer of tangible products. They sell merchandise to consumers around the world.

CCNow is our authorized retailer. They act as our retailer by selling the product(s) to the consumer while simultaneously buying the merchandise from our business.

As online shoppers are directed to the CCNow Site, CCNow will provide a Web-based purchasing system to allow the online shopper to purchase Merchandise from CCNow. When an online shopper places an order, CCNow buys the ordered product(s) from us for immediate resale to the online shopper. CCNow then emails a purchase order to us, who will ship the merchandise directly to the online shopper. The online shopper is billed by CCNow, where he/she enters billing and shipping information to complete the sale.

CCNow will be responsible for operating a shopping cart that will acknowledge the online shopper’s choices and process the order, as well as for maintaining merchant accounts with various merchant account providers or other electronic payment systems that CCNow may choose to implement, and for collecting the online shopper’s payments as each shopping cart order is placed.

PayPal payments are accepted online in the CCNow shopping cart. Online shoppers will have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal when finalizing checkout. All terms for a PayPal order are the same as a credit card order. The rates, payment schedule, dispute, and other rules all still apply.

CCNow accepts Visa American Express and PayPal. This includes all card types that are derivatives of those brands. Some examples are: Visa check cards and debit cards, MasterCard "MasterMoney", EuroCard, etc.

CCNow's retail margin includes shopping cart system administration, online payment processing, reporting, merchandising tools, customer service functions, and fraud and risk management.

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