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Effects of Butea Superba on reproductive system of rats

Authors : Aranya Manosroi, Kanokporn Sanphet, Suda Saowakon, Salika Aritajat, Jiradej Manosroi
Lab :
1. Natural Products for Thai Traditional Medicine Research Unit, Pharmaceutical-Cosmetic Raw Materials and Natural Products Research and Development Center (PCRNC), Institude for Science and TEchnology Research and Development, chiang Mai University
2. Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiang Mai University
3. Reproductive Physiology Research Unit, Department of Biology, Faculty of Sciences, Chiang Mai University
Abstract :

The effects of Butea Superba on the reproductive system in male Wistar rats were investigated. The animals were fed daily with the powdered crude drug suspended in distilled water by a gastric tube at the dose of 2, 25, 250 and 1250 mg/kg body weight for 8 weeks. Rats fed with 1 ml of distilled water were used as a negative control. The weights of all vital organs in all treated groups were not different from the control. The percentage weight ratios of body weights of semial vesicles and prostate glands were not different from the control, except that the testis of the group fed with 1250 mg/kg was significantly different from the control and the other treated groups. In addition, the sperm counts in this group showed about 16% more than the control group. Hematology as well as the liver and kidney function of all treated groups showed no difference from the control. Butea Superba, drug at 250 mg/kg which was 100 times more than the Thai FDA recommended dose for humans appeared to be safe in rats. The crude drug has demonstrated an increase tendency on testis weight and sperm counts in rat. The information from the present study can be used to explain the Thai folklore application of this plant in Thailand.

Published : 06 July 2006

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