100% Eurycoma Longifolia Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)


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Benefit: Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali / Pasak Bumi) is a single-stemmed slow growing tree of the rainforests of Southeast Asia.
Usage: For filling into capsules or tablets form.
Condition: New
Packaging: 1 kg.
Min Order: 1 kg.
Stock Available: 1,000 kg for immediate shipment
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Lead Time: 7 business days
Packing Details: 1 kg in plastic bag
Recommend Dosage: Recommend not taking over or exceeding 1,000 mg. or 1 gram daily. 400 mg – 800 mg. is sufficient to see good results.

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100% Eurycoma Longifolia Herb Powder Extract (Premium Grade)

Benefit :

Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali / Pasak Bumi) is a single-stemmed slow growing tree of the rainforests of Southeast Asia. It is used throughout the region as herbal medicine and tonic. The chemical ingredients have been chemically profiled; hence it is possible to chemically screen plants for genotypes of high quality. The active ingredients are concentrated in taproot. The plant takes five years or more to reach reproductive age, and usually the fruit is low, hence the rates of seed production cannot sustain the existing level of demand for this plant material.

It has been used as a medicinal herb for centuries in Southeast Asia to promote well-being, improve health, increase strength, and increase libido. Today it is increasingly being used as a natural, gentle and effective alternative to sex-enhancing drugs, and in Malaysia is often included in soft drinks, coffee and tea as an overall health enhancer. Our root extract 25:1 is 100% soluble for the drink business.

Function :

Testosterone is the most important representative of the male sex hormones collectively known as androgens produced by the gonads. Its secretion stimulates the differentiation of the male reproductive tract in the embryo, the decent of the testes in to the scrotum, the further development of the reproductive tract and penis during puberty and maturation of the sperm. It is also responsible for the development of male secondary sex characteristics such as moustache, beard, enlargement of the larynx (deep voice) and increase production of the sebaceous glands, all of which are associated with masculine features. Testosterone also plays a role in the development and maintenance of male libido (sexual desire) and sexual behavior. Anti-Fever-Effects, Anti-Malarial-Effect, Anti-oxidant-Properties.

100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract1 Kg.$ 220$ 220
100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract5 Kg.$ 170$ 850
100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract10 Kg.$ 150$ 1,500
100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract15 Kg.$ 140$ 2,100
100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract20 Kg.$ 130$ 2,600
100% Eurycoma Longifolia Powder Extract25 Kg.$ 110$ 2,750

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