Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)



Benefit: Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type is for manufacturer who wishes to use our extract for cosmetic production or wanted to make your cosmetics products by adding our extract as an ingredient, it can be made into different type of topical such as cream, spray, serum, gel and mask.
Usage: For manufacturing into cosmetics product.
Condition: New
Packaging: 1 kg.
Min Order: 1 kg.
Stock Available: 1,000 kg for immediate shipment
Payment: PayPal
Shipment: Express Parcel Service
Lead Time: 7 business days
Packing Details: Plastic Gallon
Recommend Dosage: Recommend not taking over or exceeding 1,000 mg. or 1 gram daily. 400 mg – 800 mg. is sufficient to see good results.
Caution: External use only, for manufacturing into cosmetics product.

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Butea Superba Herbal Extract in Liquid Type (High Concentration)

Butea Superba Liquid Extract1 Liter$ 260$ 260
Butea Superba Liquid Extract5 Liters$ 190$ 950
Butea Superba Liquid Extract10 Liters$ 170$ 1,700
Butea Superba Liquid Extract15 Liters$ 160$ 2,400
Butea Superba Liquid Extract20 Liters$ 150$ 3,000
Butea Superba Liquid Extract25 Liters$ 130$ 3,250

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